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Tooth Extraction

We try and avoid teeth extractions and will advise of alternative treatments if possible to save a tooth. However if it is not feasible for you and you are happy to have a tooth extracted we can guarantee you it will be a pain free experience.

What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone.

When is tooth extraction necessary?

If a tooth is broken or has been damaged by decay, your dentist will usually be able to fix it with a dental crown, filling or other dental treatment. However in cases where there is too much damage for the tooth to be repaired, or the tooth is too loose to be saved with a bone graft, the tooth will need to be extracted.

Reasons you may need a tooth extraction:

  • A tooth may be too decayed to do any other form of treatment to save it and an extraction is required.
  • You have extra teeth that are blocking other teeth from coming in.
  • Your baby teeth haven’t fallen out in time to allow the permanent teeth to come in.
  • You are getting braces fitted and need to create room for the teeth that are being moved into place in order to create a pleasing smile..
  • You are receiving radiation to the head and neck and need to have teeth in the field of radiation extracted.
  • You are receiving cancer drugs, or immunosuppressant drugs following an organ transplant that have weakened your immune system, causing your teeth to become infected.