Cosmetic Gum Procedures

Improving the appearance of your entire smile.

Have you ever heard of a “gummy” smile? It’s when your teeth appear to be “too small and too short” usually because of excessive gum tissue. Believe it or not, a gummy smile can easily be improved with a procedure called a “gingivectomy”.

Dr. Necdet Ozder, DDS is trained to use laser technology to sculpt the gums and improve your smile. This is done in a single appointment and usually requires just a topical anesthetic. This treatment reveals more of the tooth and can give a person a fuller, more beautiful smile.

In a few instances an “Esthetic Crown Lengthening” procedure is necessary. This involves the reshaping of the gum and bone that surround the tooth. It can be performed for one or several teeth to even out the gum line and improve your smile.

When teeth have exposed roots or receded gums, a soft tissue graft can restore or “bring back” the lost gum. This procedure restores gum tissue to the area, creates an improved cosmetic appearance and can often relieve tooth sensitivity. Over time, the grafted tissue blends in with the adjacent gum and the result is a more natural, healthier smile.

Overgrown gum tissue is visually unappealing and makes your teeth smaller and unnatural. Also melanin deposited in the gums can be removed to regain healthy looking natural gum color. Gingivoplasty is an ideal procedure if you have:

  • gummy smile
  • asymmetrical or irregular gum line
  • gum color is dark due to pigmentation
  • overgrown gum tissue